The Benefits of Group Counseling, Especially for our Children

We live in a very fast paced, technologically focused society.  Our children, although extremely screen savvy, are not always socially savvy.  We spend a lot of time worrying about sports teams, homework, extra-curricular activities and more, but I am not so sure we worry enough about our children’s social and emotional intelligence.  Let’s face it, when you get out in to the real world, you need social smarts.  You need to know how to greet someone, give them eye contact, have good body language, speak in public, share your opinion.  These are very valuable, essential skills that you  need to be successful yet we don’t always focus on them.

Many things stand in the way of a child’s social and emotional development.

Collaborative Counseling Center is thrilled to be providing a social group experience for girls ages 7-10, starting Monday, February 22.  American Girl Anxiety and Worry Group will meet for 8 weeks, from 5-6 pm.  This unique group experience takes girls on a supportive, safe and fun journey with their own 18 inch doll, exploring various topics to enhance participant’s overall social and emotional well being.  The girls will experience the following topics:  self esteem, friendship, bully proofing, anxiety and worry techniques and more!  This is a wonderful opportunity to help your daughter develop and learn healthy, positive coping strategies for stress, anxiety and worry.

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