Collaborative Counseling Center (CCC) clinicians believe in treating the whole client, taking into account their Home - What is CCCenvironment and drawing on their personal strengths and familial and community supports to enhance mental health wellness and promote positive change.

Types of Therapies

Individual Therapy

Some children and adolescents benefit most from Individual Therapy, one-on-one work with the therapist on issues they need guidance on such as depression, ADHD, family stress, social difficulties, anxiety and more. Parents are included in this process, working with the Therapist as well. Each Therapist uses the therapeutic approach that best meets the needs of the individual client. Examples of modalities used by our Clinicians are:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is often used with children who are depressed, anxious, or having problems coping with stress. CBT is proven to be effective in positively improving client’s negative/unhealthy behaviors, thoughts and feelings. Our Therapists use this modality to help clients and families by teaching concrete strategies to help with anxiety, worry, sadness and more. Other types of modalities used include Supportive and Relational Therapy, Play Therapy and Sand Tray and Psych-Drama.

Family Therapy

CCC clinicians often work with the family through Family Therapy. Working with the whole family is an integral part of working with children and adolescents with challenging behaviors or other mental health concerns. Family work involves counseling sessions with some or all of the family members and works to improve communication skills within the family, while focusing on problem-solving techniques and effective parenting strategies.

Parent Coaching

A new method of coaching focusing on ensuring a positive parent-child relationship.  A solution-focused approach to develop cooperative and healthy relationships with your children. A strengths-based approach to reduce family stress; expand choices; and achieve positive change. An approach that uses powerful & effective coaching tools for improving relationships not only with children, but also other family relationships.