Psychological TestingWhat is a Psychoeducational Assessment?

Dr. Rachel Schmidt Flavin, Clinical Psychologist, provides private Psychoeducational Testing to diagnose and identify learning differences, ADHD, Anxiety and child and adolescent disorders. Families receive a better understanding of their child’s learning style, academic and social strengths and weaknesses, as well as clear and accurate diagnosis. Dr. Schmidt looks at the individual client and administers testing based on expressed concerns, family interviews and collaboration with schools, including observations and completion of rating scales when appropriate.

Initial Visit
Dr. Schmidt will meet with parent(s) and client for an initial intake interview and screening that lasts 80 minutes to gather useful and detailed developmental, educational and social history. This initial session allows her to individually tailor her testing to best meet your child’s needs.

Classroom Observation (Optional)
Sometimes Dr. Schmidt wants to go into the classroom and observe the client.  This is often done when there are concerns about attention, social interactions, language and/or sensory weaknesses.  This also gives her the opportunity to see how the client responds to the type of instruction that is offered and the routines of the classroom. (Additional fees apply)

Testing typically consists of two test sessions each lasting about three hours.  The tests have a variety of activities designed to measure various strengths and needs.  Most clients find the testing as fun as it is interactive.

Parent Feedback Meeting
During the parent meeting, Dr. Schmidt reviews the findings from the testing process and the recommendations.  The parent meeting is 80 minutes, to ensure that parents understand the results and recommendations.

Fees and Billing
Collaborative Counseling Center (CCC) uses a fee-for-service model and asks that you provide payment in full at the time of service. We do not process insurance claims; however, we are happy to provide all necessary documentation to parents/guardians to submit claims on their own behalf. Many parents/guardians use Health Savings or Flexible Spending Accounts to help pay for services.  Mental Health Services ARE eligible expenses.

Breakdown of Testing Cost ($3,000)

Duration Cost Code
Initial Parent/Child Assessment 80 Minutes $250 90791
Testing 2 – 3 Days $2,500* 96101
Parent Feedback Meeting 80 Minutes $250 90846/90847
Optional School Observation 2 Hours $250 99366
*Total without School Observation $3,000

*Testing cost will be broken down and can be paid in 2-3 installments over 2-3 testing dates.