Educational CounselingStudents with and without learning differences can benefit from individualized support and guidance navigating the college application process.  Students and families need help transferring their high school supports and accommodations to the college environment to proactively support this educational transition.  Our Educational Counselor believes that there are options for educational success available for ALL types of learners and students benefit from 1:1 attention to focus on identify educational goals, strengths and long-term career aspirations.  During this process, students learn invaluable self-advocacy skills to help them navigate the college environment.  We believe in a collaborative approach between student, parent and educational institutions is the key to addressing the barriers and challenges presented during this transitional time for students.


There are several Educational Counseling packages available to choose from

Package #1: The Get to Know You Package ($500, two 60-90 minute sessions)

Written summary document provided including:  Educational Institution Recommendations (geographic, public/private, size, cost, major availability, services programs provided to special populations, extra curricular activities)

Package #2: The Application Package ($500 one application, each additional application is $150)

Package #3: The See What I Can Be Package ($500 for two 60 minute sessions)

Package #4:  The All-Inclusive Package ($1250 for Six sessions – 60-90 minutes in length)

General educational counseling as needed $150 / hour.