Blessings of An Ordinary Day

Blessings of An Ordinary Day

For those of us in the northeast, we just endured one of the largest, if not THE largest single snowfall in a given storm.. ever!  Many of us were stuck inside our homes, some with our children, some without, some alone, some with way too many other people.  As the snow fell, we wondered, how long will this last?  How many inches will accumulate?  Will we have school tomorrow?  Will I need to go to work?  So many questions about what will happen next because the truth is, none of us really know for certain.  The weather channel makes predictions ofwhat may happen but let’s be honest, some things we just don’t know for sure.

Most of us are most comfortable when we know what is going to happen next, when we feel in control, or at least we think we do.  Something like a huge snow storm, throws even the most calm and centered person off their game.  Your daily routine is disrupted, your morning trip to the gym, your work day, your whole world is thrown off it’s axis and for some of us, your children’s too!  We all begin to feel out of control when our ordinary becomes extraordinary.  Children are really no different from us.  They appreciate  a routine, they crave routine, they need routine to feel in control.  Although children appear to resist being told what to do and when to do it, adults know how very important it is to keep boundaries and expectations surrounding their children to provide them a much needed safety net.

I have a belief, a new ideal.  I love the ordinary.  I love when things stay the same, when my routine doesn’t change.  When today is like yesterday, and tomorrow is like today.  Many things in my life have taught me to treasure the ordinary, to appreciate the routine.  I find beauty in the ordinary, when I once thought otherwise.  Maybe it was having children, or losing a loved one, or all the other life events that remind you to appreciate the ordinary because sometimes, the other option is life altering.

Now, I am not saying I don’t like adventure, or spontaneity, or when I end up doing something incredible that I had not otherwise planned.  I live for that!  What I have come to treasure is the blessing of the ordinary days, when everyone you love is tucked in at night right where you will find them again in the morning and when tomorrow is exactly like today, and today is no different than yesterday.

Written By Emily Greenberger, LCSW-C

Owner, Clinical Director, Collaborative Counseling Center



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